McEnany’s mission: Stand by, defend, punch back for Trump

আপডেট: জুন ৮, ২০২০

USA Representative: Kayleigh McEnany is standing with President Donald Trump.

He summoned her, after all — to be his fourth White House press secretary and to his side on last week at the steps of St. John’s Church after the military forcefully cleared away peaceful protesters. Everything around them spoke of faith and the nation’s suffering: the boarded-up “church of presidents” and the Bible in Trump’s hand. The pepper spray in the air. The crucifix, peeking out from McEnany’s collar.

But Trump did not speak of spirituality or the health and racial crises wracking the country he leads. He instead promised that “the greatest country in the world” would come back on his watch.

At Trump’s left, McEnany gave a nod and did not budge until he did, confirming that while she’s got a new title, she serves a familiar role as Trump’s most visible political advocate.