floral idyll is Longmeadow, a two-acre garden World’ is the pandemic escape we needed

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This would be Monty Don, a fellow who needs no introduction in England, where he has presented the BBC’s flagship gardening program for 18 years and where he is a household name — and a rather catchy one, at that.

Faithful viewers know that the opening sequence is but the prelude of an hour of horticultural theater or, more precisely, therapy. We might be taken to a flower-filled bishop’s garden; to a walled garden that houses the nation’s collection of rhubarb (about 130 mouth-puckering varieties); to a houseboat on a London canal that is home to a hip, young model, dozens of potted plants and a three-legged cat.

Then there is Don himself as the glue that holds it all together, linking segments with timely, practical gardening jobs from what may be the most well-known garden in England since Vita Sackville-West began writing about Sissinghurst in the 1940s.

Don’s floral idyll is Longmeadow, a two-acre garden in western England close to the Welsh border, which millions of viewers have seen grow and develop over the past few years.