Prince Harry Shares New Photos of Archie and Reveals His First Words

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There’s never been any doubt of the important place Princess Diana holds in the hearts of the Sussex family. Prince Harry, Diana’s youngest son, and his wife Meghan Markle, have payed homage to the late Princess of Wales numerous times over the years, from the engagement ring Harry gave to Meghan, which featured Diana’s diamonds to the way they announced that they were expecting their second child. And now, it seems, that love has carried on into the younger generation, as Harry has revealed that one of 2-year-old Archie’s first words was “grandma.”

“I got a photo of her in his nursery, and it was one of the first words that he said—apart from ‘mama,’ ‘papa,’ it was then ‘grandma’. Grandma Diana,” Harry said in his new AppleTV+ mental health docuseries The Me You Can’t See, which he co-created with Oprah Winfrey. “It’s the sweetest thing, but at the same time, it makes me really sad because she should be here.” Harry reflected on his late mother in the show’s fifth episode, saying “I wish she could’ve met Meghan. I wish she was around for Archie.”
Photo credit: Apple
Photo credit: Apple

Previously, Harry had revealed to his friend James Corden in an appearance on The Late Late Show that Archie’s very first word was actually the whopper three-syllable “crocodile.”

This bittersweet reveal about Diana’s legacy in the Sussex family comes at a particularly poignant moment. Just yesterday, the BBC issued an apology over the famous Panorama interview with the Princess of Wales in which she opened up about the turmoil of her royal marriage. An inquiry into how the interview came about “identified clear failings,” for which the broadcaster publicly apologized and vowed not to retain any awards that were received for the interview.

Harry issued a statement responding to the apology, calling it “the first step toward justice and truth,” and stating that “the ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices,” was to blame for Diana’s tragic death in 1997.