The third festival of tulips kicked off in the city of Arak, in Iran

আপডেট: এপ্রিল ২৬, ২০২১

The third festival of tulips kicked off in the city of Arak, central Iran . More than 120,000 tulips in 43 varieties along with violet flowers and ornamental shrubs have been prepared on a land measuring 8,000 square meters. However, people are not allowed to participate in the festival due to the coronavirus pandemic

The 3rd tulip festival started in the Industrial Capital of Iran; Arak and held for four weeks, depending on the weather.

Tulip is one of the best flowers in the world because of its color, shape and size. The tulip flower is a symbol of determination. In Persia and Iran, the red tulip is depicted as a symbol of love.
And the yellow tutip is comparable to the sun.

The original home of the tulip is in Persia. Tulip cultivation flourished in Turkey and Iran during the Ottoman sultans in the sixteenth century. At that time mainly aristocrats and members of the royal family used to cultivate this flower. Tulips spread to Europe and the Netherlands in the early sixteenth century.

Tulip has been mentioned in many writings of Persian poets Hafiz, Omar Khayyam, Sheikh Saadi and Ferdousi. People in Turkey liken the tulip garden to a garden of paradise. It is also their national flower. Gray tulips are featured on the monogram of their national airline, Turkish Air.

1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. The Arabic word “Allah” in the middle of the Iranian national flag is shaped like a tulip flower. The red tulip symbolizes the martyrs of the revolution. The music at the beginning of the Iranian national anthem also has the symbolic use of this flower.